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3DC.io - 3D Modeling 1.27.13DC.io - 3D Modeling 1.27.13DC.io - 3D Modeling 1.27.13DC.io - 3D Modeling 1.27.13DC.io - 3D Modeling 1.27.13DC.io - 3D Modeling 1.27.1

3DC.io is a feature-rich application for creating geometric shapes of all shapes and sizes. Create 3D models based on basic, simplest geometric shapes and transform them into reality. Use the arrows around the model to rotate it in the desired direction. You can rotate the camera by moving your finger across the field. The camera can be moved with three fingers. The program can be used to create logos, sketches, interior design, toys, etc. Features of 3DC.io - 3D Modeling Gallery of ready-made objects; ability to create complex three-dimensional models; Export of finished models into several different formats for application in modding, game engines and other applications for 3D modeling; A button for quick screenshot creation; the ability to share your designs with other users; tools for moving, rotating and zooming objects; one-touch activation and deactivation of the shape; zooming with 2 fingers; concise interface; panoramic viewing; easy to use; only necessary functions; does not require a lot of device resources. Disadvantages of the program no ruler, no possibility to cut selected area; no possibility to edit polygons; No ability to work with colours on some devices.

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