APK Installer 3.4.2

APK Installer is a symbiosis of an application manager and an installer of .apk files for Android devices. Can install both applications with official digital signatures, as well as programs from third-party developers. Can scan installed files for malicious code. Supports the search for .apk-files on your device and connected portable media. Can perform batch installation in multiple streams simultaneously. Equipped with tools to "share" favorite applications via messengers and hardware "pairing devices" (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc.). APK Installer functionality Scans the user's device and the portable media connected to it for the presence of .apk files; Compiles a list of found .apk-files and visualizes it in the interface; Loads a list of utilities with official digital signatures from Play Market; Installs the "marked" .apk-files; Analyzes the code of installed .apk-files and "cuts off" the installation if it detects malicious code; Initiates installation in multiple threads during "batch" installation of .apk-files; "Shares" the selected .apk files in the specified way. Utility features Ability to install both officially signed apps and apps "written" by third-party developers; Supports scanning of connected portable data storage devices; Function of synchronization with Play Market service; Integrated scanner of installed applications for malicious code; Support for multi-threaded "batch" installation. Disadvantages Batch installation can "seriously compromise" the "performance score" on "weak" devices; Built-in scanner of malicious code is not a full-fledged anti-virus and does not guarantee that computer "viruses" are not "installed" together with the utility; Integrated advertising.

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