Application Manager (ROOT) 7.1

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Application Manager (ROOT) 7.1Application Manager (ROOT) 7.1Application Manager (ROOT) 7.1Application Manager (ROOT) 7.1Application Manager (ROOT) 7.1Application Manager (ROOT) 7.1

Application Manager (ROOT) is a functional program for uninstalling applications. Can be used to find, install and remove apk files on memory cards. Provides a backup, the user will be able to restore the original state of the software, if after uninstalling applications malfunction in the work of the device. There are tips for obtaining superuser rights. The utility will tell you which applications are better to keep, which are unsafe to delete, and which can be deleted without any consequences. The program interface is divided into two parts. On the left is the main menu and on the right is the workspace. In the list, the installed applications are arranged in order of importance. When you hold your finger on the name of an application, static information about it will appear. Using the menu items, you can adjust settings, select custom or system applications, move applications to internal memory or memory card, manage apk files or recycle garbage can. Features of the application manager (ROOT) installation to the system, checking for global root access; secure removal of unwanted software; cache cleanup; memory scanning, identification of apk files and their visualization in the interface; ability to change the root attributes of the specified application; possibility of simultaneous removal of several applications; ability to save memory; analysis of the applications and the output of static data; ability to move applications to specified directories; irretrievable deletion from the trash; archiving files and moving them to trash; buttons for quick search of information on the Internet; russified interface; simplicity and convenience of settings; laconic design; ease of use; absence of unnecessary functions; does not take up much space in the memory of the device. Disadvantages of the application It is not easy for an inexperienced user to understand the functionality of the program; In rare cases, there are failures when uninstalling.

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