1.5.5 1.5.5 logo 1.5.5 is a shootout game for Android between heroes on medieval weapons. The game is made in a minimalistic style. Battles unfold on a map in the form of a maze. The view of the character from the third person from the top. Moves the character following your movements on the screen. Moving through the labyrinth, collect crystals to raise levels and hearts to restore life. With increasing level the character becomes available new abilities, with which you can fight with other players. The goal in the game is to level up and survive by destroying your opponents. As a reward for participating in battles and killing enemies, the character receives points that give access to other battle arenas. features character selection; changing your character name; improvement of skills and abilities; choice of a variety of weapons; game on time; team play; battle royal (a game of survival); life regeneration. Features character store; Various battle arenas for single-player games; championships; 5 on 5 battles; bonus coins; tournament table; choice of application language. Disadvantages intrusive advertising in the form of a video after each match.

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