Battery Life 1.9.8

Battery Life is a service utility that optimizes battery consumption for Android with OS debugging and network connectivity functions. Reads technical parameters (voltage, amperage, temperature) from the battery controller. Calculates remaining charge. Detects CPU usage by each specific application and calculates the time remaining for its use. Has several preset charge saving profiles. Can extend battery life. Can determine whether a particular charger is optimal for a particular device and battery. Equipped with tools for auditing the technical parameters of the mains connection used. Speeds up device charging. Boosts battery life and cleans RAM and optimizes OS performance. Battery Life functionality Reads data streams from the battery controller to the CPU; Analyzes voltages, amps, temperatures and calculates the percentage of remaining charge; Determines the degree of consumption of the CPU resource by the running applications, and displays (upon request) the time during which the "marked" applications can be used before the battery runs out; Visualizes statistical data in the interface and (optional) on-screen widget; Adjusts the device settings according to the selected power consumption profile (on request) to save battery power; Corrects (upon request) the settings of the machine (optional) to speed up battery charging; Adjusts (on request) the unit settings (optional) to "extend the life" of the battery; Analyzes (upon request) the information stream from the battery controller when the charger is connected, and determines the degree of influence of the charger on the charging speed, battery life time and other technical indicators of the battery; Frees (on request) RAM capacity from the data of unused applications; Tests (on demand) the network connection speed. Utility features Reading data streams directly from the battery controller; High accuracy of the calculations performed; Several device configuration profiles for saving charge, faster charging and extending the battery life; The possibility to know the degree of influence of a particular application on the remaining charge; The function of assessing whether the "charging" is suitable for the device; Service functions for OS debugging and network connectivity; "Gentle" CPU load. Cons On some devices, the RAM release feature "hurts" critical processes; Integrated advertising; The effect of the "faster charging" feature is offset by the consumption of battery life for the visualization of ads that pop up when the charger is connected; Part of the function is paid.

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