Betternet 5.8.0

Betternet is a VPN client for smartphones running on the Android operating system, which makes the Internet completely open for each user. Betternet features gives access to the sites that are blocked specifically in your region or by your internet provider (for example, it can be social networks, online casinos, betting sites, etc.), as it uses a proxy server; Change of IP address allows you to change your geolocation for other Internet users; encrypts information coming from the device in the form of characters and numbers, making it impossible for the provider or network owner to track your activity; provides security while using public Wi-Fi networks; Complete privacy and anonymity in the network. Application Features works on the principle of "1 Touch" (to make a connection to the VPN network, it is only necessary to click on the "Connect" button in the main menu of the application); No need to configure the application; Working at maximum speed (limited by the services that your provider provides). Advantages of the interface is as easy to use as possible; nice design;; regular support; Multiple countries for IP selection; stable operation without connection interruptions; multilingualism; Feedback from the service developer when bugs and bugs in the program are detected.

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