Here is an unusual fighting game BEYBLADE BURST for Android. In it you will fight in the ring in a battle of cosmically beautiful "wolves". While your wolf is spinning, you have a chance to win. He loses the one, whose wolf will fall first, or the one who first gains 3 points. You can gain points in several ways: by attacking the spinner; by blowing up a volley. BEYBLADE BURST features choosing a region (team icon), a character icon and a character name; changing parts of your wolf; painting parts; battles with friends; participation in various tournaments and championships. Available features in the game store; Battle History; code scanner, to open the wolves; avatar track; sound and notification settings; training mode. Each wolf has different characteristics, which can be changed by changing the details of the wolf. The following characteristics are available to change: attack; endurance; defense; weight; dexterity. By changing this or that part of your wolf, you change both its appearance and its characteristics. Experiment and create your perfect wolf fighter for the round ring. Disadvantages Inaccurate translation into Russian.

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