Block City Wars 6.7.3

Block City Wars - an entertaining shooter for Android in the style of Minecraft with elements of GTA. The game provides multiplayer and single player modes. According to the plot, the city is filled with crime and the character must exterminate the bandits that appear on his way. Players have a wide variety of weapons at their disposal: knives, bats, chainsaws, grenades, Molotov cocktails, pistols and rifles. You can move on foot and in vehicles - motorcycles, boats, sports cars, tanks, helicopters or with a jetpack. If the hero uses vehicles for movement, the enemies are activated and starts shooting, so you need to be vigilant. The game has two modes: survival mode and online play. In survival mode, the character must find as many coins as possible in the city within the allotted time period. The hero will be attacked by bots, so you have to repel their attacks. In online mode it is harder to survive, because you have to fight with other users, and that means you can be attacked at any time, both in crowds and alone. The mode allows you to join the other players and destroy the common enemies. The shooter has a lot of features. You can buy clothes, equipment for your character, buy another hero that will smash enemies even harder. When moving around the city on the way there are additional bonuses - medicines or weapons that someone has dropped. Block City Wars features diverse missions; more than 100 types of weapons; more than 30 types of vehicles; chat for player communication; daily quests; some modes require an internet connection to play; good graphics; leaderboard; good 3D graphics; dynamic sound accompaniment; more than 10 maps to battle. The disadvantages of the game no ability to edit skins.

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