Block Strike 6.7.3

Block Strike is a multiplayer first person action game. Block Strike Features Block Strike offers the player to plunge into a world of online battles and dynamic battles. The functionality of the application allows you to play with friends over a network and create invincible clans. Also in the game there are more than 15 modes of battle, which remind everyone favorite "Social Strike 1.6": team battles, hunger games, zombie mode, Bunny Hop and more. Graphics are made in cubic style: square blocks and weapons with sharp edges make the appearance of the game original and unusual. Block Strike has a huge variety of maps, the number of which already exceeds 60. Among 40 types of weapons the player can choose his favorite and decorate it with stickers or skins, changing its appearance to his liking. After each battle gained game money and free cases in which there is a weapon or items for its decoration. Advantages of easy control; a variety of game modes; you can create a personal appearance of the weapon; battles with friends and the creation of clans. Disadvantages the game is only available when connected to the internet.

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