Blockman Multiplayer 5.8.4

Blockman Multiplayer is a multifunctional addition to Minecraft for Android. Includes server, mini games and chatting using voice function for players. To start the server, you need to click on its name. Users get the opportunity to invite friends from all over the world to the game through social networks. Fighting clan system makes the game more exciting. Clans can fight in team competitions, increasing their prestige. There are different mini-games: Build Battle, Hunger Games, etc. For the victory in the games provides rewards, which should be used to improve your character. Users can create their own server. Using the settings, you can change maps, additions, skins, textures, creating the most comfortable conditions for the game and optimally distributing resources on the server. Blockman Multiplayer features thoughtful design; a wide range of options; simple intuitive interface; easy to use; implementation of all basic features on Android; a large selection of games; the ability to exchange gifts; availability of a floating window to change game settings; regular updates; function of creating groups with other people for joint games and communication; the ability to manage application resources. Disadvantages of the program possible hangs the device due to failures in the application; skins in Minecraft and in the application do not match.

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