Bowmasters 2.14.4

Bowmasters is a fascinating arcade shooting game for Android, made in two-dimensional graphics. The action takes place in a shooting gallery, where players can fight in several modes: "duel", "hunting birds", "shooting apples". In the last two modes, first one player shoots, then the other, and in the end, the one who first brings his opponent's life line down to zero wins. In duel mode, you must hit your opponent's head before he does. You can play both against a friend and against the computer. Players are offered a large selection of weapons: Molotov cocktail, Viking axe, swords, gaming joysticks, grenades, spears, arrows, bows, syringes, playing cards. To fire a weapon, you simply touch the display and then make a sliding backward motion. Then the parameters of the shot or throw will be displayed on the screen. When making the shot, you have to take into account the wind strength, the angle of inclination, and the distance to the enemy. To make an accurate shot, it is necessary to "zero in" by making several attempts and determine the best way to shoot. Moreover, the rival will not stay in one place while you are aiming at him, he can easily make a few steps back or forward. Initially only one character is available, but as you pass the levels, other characters will be available. To unlock them, you need to earn money by accurately hitting the targets. It's worth noting the realism of special effects - you'll see lightning, splashing, explosions, as well as hear screams and other sounds. Bowmasters Features multiplayer mode; good graphics; quality sound accompaniment; clear control; several game modes; user-friendly interface; more than 40 characters; more than 40 kinds of weapons; realistic physics of special effects.

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