2.0.4 2.0.4 logo 2.0.4 for Android - two-dimensional multiplayer IO zombie apocalypse simulator. Unlike similar toys, here you do not need to destroy countless crowds of zombies, but to hold out until the approach of rescuers. To do this, players are given the opportunity to erect barricades of any improvised objects. However, you can also play as a zombie, in which case the goal of the mission will not be to save, but to infect all the people for a certain time. Gameplay Look around, find the safest place and barricade yourself using improvised means; Wait for help to arrive by reinforcing the gaps that appear in the barricade; Keep your eyes open and have an escape plan - sometimes zombies come from unusual places and can take you by surprise; If the barricade breaks through, run to other buildings and try to barricade yourself in there; If zombies have infected you and turned you - break through the barricade of survivors with them and infect them before rescue teams arrive. Simulator Features. All interior items are fully playable; Ability to play as both sides; Atmospheric soundtrack. Cons Demanding to "iron"; Poor synchronization of client devices with each other ("lags" in the network game); Lack of single-player.

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