Brawl Stars 31.96

Brawl Stars is an action game for Android with exciting battles lasting up to 3 minutes. You can play alone or with friends. Create a hero with superpowers by purchasing skins. Become the most powerful fighter in the arena. Join a gang or create your own together with your friends. Develop the best tactics and defeat enemies together. Capture enemy crystals in battles. You have to get 10 crystals to win. If you lose a battle, you lose crystals. There are survival battles in single or paired modes. You must collect reinforcements to win. Survivor gets everything. Capture members of the enemy team. Earn stars and make sure you don't get caught. The team with the most points wins! With friends, commit robberies. Have to break into the opponents safe, protecting their own wealth. After studying the map, sneak to the treasures of the enemy. Eliminate all obstacles in your way! The character can demonstrate his soccer skills. In Brawl Stars with no red cards, the team that scores 2 goals wins. Brawl Stars Features different game modes; time-limited battles; local and global ranking tables; ability to improve your character's abilities; real-time battles; various skins; adaptation for mobile platform; constant updates; unique character attack techniques; multiplayer; the ability to create new maps to improve skills. The disadvantages of the game There are opponents with unequal forces; Sometimes "freezes".

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