Browsec VPN 0.42

Browsec VPN is a mobile application that substitutes the real IP address of the mobile device user with the address of another country's server. Functionality of Browsec VPN Browsec VPN helps to use the necessary, but previously blocked for some reason sites, as well as hide your location from others. In addition to this function, it fully protects user accounts from deliberate hacking and theft, preventing intruders from accessing personal information and passwords. This is especially important when an Android tablet or smartphone connects to Wi-Fi in places like restaurants or cafes, gas stations, movie theaters, malls, etc. This program changes the existing server address, prompting you to select IPs of other countries. Working with the program After installing Browsec VPN on a mobile device, the user receives an email with a randomly generated, unique password. It is used for further work with the program. After that, there is a choice of any free provided address of servers in the Netherlands, Singapore or the United States. By connecting to one of them, the user can open sites previously prohibited in his country, including torrent trackers. Advantages of High protection level for personal information and passwords; Providing unhindered access to blocked sites; Full anonymity while you are online. Disadvantages Limited choice of servers (only a few IPs are available for free); Decreased connection speed when the program is connected; The speed of free servers is insufficient for downloading large files.

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