1.3.0 1.3.0 logo 1.3.0 for Android - multiplayer car arcade, in which you need to shoot down opponents with a special target attached to it morgensternom (spiked ball). By flipping opponents' cars, the player will receive social bonuses that add unique features to the normal rotation of the ball on the chain, such as increasing the size of the morgenstern, the ability to aim and throw the ball, magnetic attraction, and much more. gameplay Drive into the combat driving range and try not to "meet" your opponents' morgensteins; Avoid high level enemies with big balls; Look for an opponent on your level or a hesitant opponent, unwind the chain with a morgenstein and flip his car with your deadly spiked ball; Collect splinters from your opponent to level up and upgrade your morgenstein; Increase your spiked ball to its maximum size and gain special skills for killed opponents; Analyze the behavior of enemies and use the most appropriate way to flip them; Be able to pick up your morgenstein after "shooting" or if it's ripped off; Unlock your ball magnet attraction ability to fully focus on fighting your opponents. Arcade Features. Realistic behavior of vehicles and morgensteins; Gentle load on the "iron"; Cooperative mode; Nice music. Cons Lack of single player; It consumes a lot of traffic; Exceptional color differentiation by team - people with colorblindness will have trouble distinguishing their own from others.

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