CameraFi is an application for connecting a USB camera to an Android smartphone via various ports with full resolution support. It is possible to use as a recording video camera using converters. Static image capture and video recording is done with the volume control key. The user is able to adjust the resolution, photo and video quality. The footage can be viewed on the device by assigning the desired prefixes in the name of each file. The program menu includes buttons to start recording, switch modes, access to settings, and gallery. The result of the shooting can be saved directly to the device. System permissions are required for quality operation of the program. CameraFi features Image capture and video recording by connecting the USB camera to the Android device; it is possible to connect a microscope, endoscope, video recorder, action camera, etc; simple intuitive interface; easy to use; support for various video and audio formats; ability to switch cameras when using multiple devices; video and image preview function; indication of camera connection status; takes up little space; automatic updating; built-in conductor; broad functionality. Disadvantages of the program does not work on smartphones that do not support OTG mode; the application requests access to contacts.

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