Cheat Engine 1.0

Cheat Engine is a multifunctional game cracker for Android devices. Equipped with a powerful set of tools for interacting with the source code of the executive processes of the games running in the system. Allows you to get unique game items, premium account, infinite gold, etc. without having to donate to the game. Can carry out the above, as with ready-made tools - in one click, and with the built-in HEX-editor - by editing the appropriate parts of the executive code running the game. Cheat Engine functionality Analyzes processes located in RAM and intercepts control over selected one; Finds specified values in the HEX-code of the edited process, according to the specified search settings; Substitutes the specified code values with the specified values - loads the modified block of code into RAM; Automatically finds and changes the corresponding HEX block values when using ready-made tools; Saves the result of editing in RAM on program exit. Hacker features Ability to get paid features without having to donate; Interfaces directly with the game's executive process and saves the change to RAM; Numerous automatic functions that do not require understanding of HEX-code editing technology; Powerful integrated HEX editor for manual editing of game values; Flexible, customizable value search engine. Cons Requires root rights; Must allow installation of "applications from unknown sources" beforehand; Ineffective when editing code for online games; Highly increases the chance of eternal ban in case of successful editing of online game code.

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