Cotton and find the phone 42.0

Clap and Find Phone is a search utility for Android devices that allows you to find a "lost nearby" device simply by clapping your hands. Emits an "alarm" at maximum volume, even with sounds and alerts turned off. Allows you to set the volume and rhythm of the "search claps". Functionality clap and find the phone Reads data from the device's microphone, analyzes it, and, in case of "claps detected", remembers their rhythm and volume; Offers to "clap again" if no claps can be identified in the recorded audio file; Suggests that the user activate "screen blanking" after any period of time "idle" of the device, in case this function is disabled; Automatically switches to "operation mode" when the device is "screen blanked out; Reads and analyzes the streaming information from the microphone, initiates the start of the "alarm" when "suitable/close in rhythm and volume" claps are detected; Continues to play the "alarm sound" until the user interacts with the device. Utility Features "Intelligent" system for analyzing and recognizing the rhythm and volume of claps; A function to prevent accidental triggers; "Gentle" load on the battery; Automatic termination of the application flow process when interacting with the device and initiation at "screen extinguishing". Disadvantages If "screen blanking" is disabled, the app will not start in "work mode"; Integrated advertising; Sufficient distance from the device will not allow you to find it "slam".

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