Crash of Cars 1.4.14

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Crash of Cars 1.4.14Crash of Cars 1.4.14Crash of Cars 1.4.14Crash of Cars 1.4.14Crash of Cars 1.4.14Crash of Cars 1.4.14Crash of Cars 1.4.14Crash of Cars 1.4.14

Crash of Cars is an action game for Android cars in which players ram, shoot and destroy each other by all available means. The trick of the game is that players collect crowns. The more crowns, the higher the rating. Get the crowns can be riding and collecting them on the map or destroying other cars. The main objective is to collect as many crowns as possible and last the longest on the map. Battles take place in the jungle, on the moon, in the desert, in a castle, in a mansion, in a mine, in a water park. Artistic design of the machines and the game world cartoonish. The graphics are three-dimensional, third-person view of the car. Control of the car is unusual, but easily mastered. In order to make the car was fighting, and the game was more interesting and dynamic developed a special weapon for cars: missiles; energy rays; turbo boosters; shields; puddles of oil; spikes; mines; teleporters; flamethrowers; freezing guns. All weapons in the game can be improved, and cars can be upgraded. New cars can be bought or won in automatons. Coins to buy new cars are given as a reward for participating in battles. Collect crowns, destroy enemy cars, get generous rewards, buy improved cars, and win prizes. Crash of Cars features car racing; jumps and stunts; destroying cars of opponents; an arsenal of weapons; weapons and car improvements; car painting; changing the game nickname. Functionality game store; gifts for the time spent in the game; slot machines with cars as a gift; network play with friends; separate game room; achievements; music customization, controls, controls; social networking support; multilingualism.

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