Creehack 5.1.3

Creehack is a symbiosis of HEX-editor and multifunctional game cracker for Android devices. The utility is focused primarily on cracking games that use software engines of PicsArt, Cat studio and hklibii corporations, which, however, does not exclude the possibility of using it to crack games created by other developers. The hacker is equipped with a graphical interface for interaction with ready-made hack templates, allowing, for example, to accrue a certain amount of gold in the game in one click. The ability to manually edit individual blocks of data is also present - and is accomplished with the help of an integrated HEX editor. Creehack functionality Scans RAM, identifies processes in games that can be hacked - intercepts control of the selected process; Automatically finds the searched value in a suitable data block, and replaces it with the specified one if the corresponding tool is activated; e.g., adds N-number of gold; Finds and displays blocks with the corresponding data values in the interface when manually editing code; Saves the changes made in the process and updates it in RAM. Creehack features Full compatibility with game engines from PicsArt, Cat studio and hklibii; Powerful automated toolkit for adding various game items and privileges in one click; Availability of integrated HEX-editor for manual hacking; Ability to use "items" added through the utility even after it is closed. Minuses Many games from other companies cannot be hacked with this program; High chance of detecting tampering in the gameplay; Not recommended for use in online games - ban is virtually guaranteed.

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