Critical Ops 1.20.0.f1218

Critical Ops is a classic online first-person shooter for Android, combining the classic Counter Strike with the mobility of the platform. Features Critical Ops The player is given a choice of two game modes: "Defeat" and "Fight to the Death". Defuse mode consists of planting a bomb by terrorists and holding it until it explodes later. If you play as special forces, your team's job is to locate and defuse the bomb in the allotted time. "Fight to Death" - is a classic round with a few seconds to revive and is to score points for your team in the allotted time, by killing opponents. There is an opportunity to acquire a visual design for your weapon, by opening special cases, bought for real money. Advantages. Good optimization, which does not allow fps sagging during the game; Intuitively simple and user-friendly interface; Easy and convenient control system; The possibility of cooperative play with friends; High-quality graphics; Large selection of weapons; Donation system does not give any advantages in the gameplay; The system of tasks allows you to accumulate points to buy cases, without resorting to donation.

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