Crystal TV 3.1.760

Full TV for Android devices Crystal TV & ; a convenient program to view a variety of TV channels on devices with the Android OS. Crystal TV functionality The application is a kind of TV for watching several dozen free Russian and international channels. There are no Crystal TV settings or any additional equipment for the user; after downloading the program, the only thing to do is to choose the channel of your choice and start watching it. Quality of the picture and the ability to connect to the online broadcast depends only on the speed of the Internet connection. The program provides an archive in case the viewer hasn't had time to watch his favorite TV program or movie, he can do it within a week. The list of channels includes Russia 24; Russia 1; Channel 5; TVC; STS; Spas television channel; RBC; Planet 24; RT; CNN; BBC One4 LDPR live4; Tochka TV, etc. Advantages of Comprehensible interface and ease of use; The presence of many working channels; Reflected for each channel TV program with an indication of the exact time of the beginning and end of the program; The ability to view the content of all channels simultaneously; Availability to watch TV programs via MirrorLink technology (convenient for motorists). Disadvantages Frequently appearing advertising.

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