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Custom Skin Creator 11.5Custom Skin Creator 11.5Custom Skin Creator 11.5Custom Skin Creator 11.5Custom Skin Creator 11.5Custom Skin Creator 11.5

A very functional application for creating skins in Minecraft for Android. You can without any problems think up and make your own personal skin in a few simple steps. Features Custom Skin Creator For Minecraft The "Random" feature allows you to generate any "Skin" you want from the available content; Eye Color Editing; There is an extensive list of outerwear, T-shirts, shirts, jackets; The "Reset" key allows you to reset the workspace and start over; The "Mob" tab will allow you to find all the animals that are imprinted with Steve's Skin; You can choose any animal head from Minecraft; You can easily share your work with your friends through social media or your mailbox; Global editing of the character's face; Large selection of underwear, pants, pants, shorts; Ability to make a male or female "Skin" The "Save" function will help you save your progress; There is an opportunity to change the hairstyle to any of your liking from the list; If necessary, you can change the color of the character's skin. Features Pleasant and user-friendly interface; Extensive variety of content; While running, gives you the ability to spin your character automatically while you choose his individual body parts; There is a "Secret Pack" for the purchase of which you will unlock additional content to work in the editor. Disadvantages Requires a minimum knowledge of English; Half of the features will have to be purchased for real money.

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