Dating at 2.1.21

Dating at is a client part of the dating service of the same name for Android. It is a symbiosis of a chat-messenger, a social network and an interactive game platform for playing java-applications. Allows to communicate, exchange gifts, publish and rate photos, give likes to profiles of people you like, play online games for mobile, create and read feed-members, search for profiles of other users by the specified criteria, and much more. Functionality of Dating at Authorizes with a server part using specified authorization details or offers to create a profile in the service; Notes and publishes your personal profile data to the public access for the service users; Finds questionnaires of other users by specified criteria; Displays lists of the most popular, random users and those who have visited your personal page; Uploads the specified photos to a selected photo album; Displays other users' photo albums' photos on the screen; Counts the total number of likes given to specific profiles and/or photos, displays them in the interface; Reads text data from the input line, transmits it to the server and retransmits it to the user-addressee; Displays messages of the sender user and the addressee user in the interface of the integrated chat messenger; Memorizes the digital credentials of purchased gifts, automatically retransmits them to the user-destination when they are given, interprets them to display them in the user-destination form and/or in the user-destination chat messenger interface as a gift; Publishes feed-entries, collects and displays feed-entries of other users. and groups them into categories - "own", "friends", "possible acquaintances", "popular" and "casual"; Synchronizes with the server part of the selected online game, displays its interface, interprets the changes made during the gameplay and displays them to other players. Utility Features Full-featured social network, photo-sharing service, chat-messenger, interactive gaming platform and online dating platform in one; Complete absence of any advertising; Developed (in Runet) user community; Flexible and customizable interface; Possibility to search for profiles by specified criteria; Output of the list of users, who visited your profile. Minuses Some of the content (gifts) and functional tools are paid; The application is in beta-test - frequent bugs are possible.

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