1.0.5 1.0.5 logo 1.0.5 is a simple and addictive IO game for Android, in which you get into the depths of the underwater world as a little fish, and your task is to collect food and survive. Features After entering a unique nickname and selecting the country, the player can start the game. By starting out as a small fish, completing simple tasks such as collecting food and avoiding predators, you have a great opportunity to grow and move up the food chain. After the fish, there is a transformation into a crab, then a jellyfish, a squid, a seagull, a dolphin, and so on upward, all the way to the whale. Consequently, the further you advance, the bigger and stronger you become, new opportunities appear. For example, the gull can not stay under water for a long time, but it can fly, and the squid can become invisible. Advantages of the game simple intuitive interface; chat for communicating with players and discussing successful strategies for developing and promoting your character; character evolution in the course of the game; player rating.

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