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Diep.io 1.2.12Diep.io 1.2.12Diep.io 1.2.12Diep.io 1.2.12Diep.io 1.2.12Diep.io 1.2.12Diep.io 1.2.12Diep.io 1.2.12Diep.io 1.2.12

diep.io is a game from the series of games on a sheet for Android. The genre of the game is an endless action shootout players. Control the players technique similar to the turret of the tank, only it is made of simple geometric shapes. The basis of the fighting machine - a circle, with an attached rectangle, responsible for the muzzle. The shells look as simple as the vehicle itself, in the form of circles. The battlefield is a white, chequered notebook sheet. The targets for attack are multi-coloured geometric shapes: triangles; squares; circles; pentagons. When smashing the shapes, the tank gains experience, and experience increases the level of the tank. For increasing the level of the tank issued skill points, for which you can buy improvements. Available improvements are displayed at the top of the screen. The main ones are: speed of movement of the tank; reload speed weapons; damage, range and projectile speed; damage from the tank's body; health; health recovery rate. In addition to improving the characteristics of the tank is available to upgrade weapons and projectiles. Other players' tanks are different at least the colour, as well as characteristics and upgrades that have had time to improve. Management in the game is simple - the tank moves for your finger movements on the left side of the screen. For shooting the right side of the screen is responsible. You need as quickly as possible to develop a tank, to be constantly on guard, not to fall under fire of enemy shells. That's the only way to survive on the battlefield. Features diep.io shooting at targets; Destroying enemy tanks; improve your tank; change your game nickname. Functionality application's settings; control help. Disadvantages Lack of translation into Russian.

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