Disable Service 1.6.5

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Disable Service 1.6.5Disable Service 1.6.5Disable Service 1.6.5Disable Service 1.6.5Disable Service 1.6.5Disable Service 1.6.5

Disable Service is a program to disable/enable unnecessary services and services of various applications that burden the Android system. The utility automatically divides the installed software into useful and useless. To disable a useless service, you need to enter the menu and uncheck the box next to the name. Blue color indicates working services, red - deactivated, white - installed but not functioning. Super user rights are required for the utility to work. Features of Disable Service Restrictions on redundant/malicious software; simple, intuitive interface; easy to use; ability to create data backup; easy navigation; russified interface; search and sort function; does not require a large number of resources; informative statistics; takes up little space; conserves battery resources; increase device performance; broad functionality. Disadvantages of the program inside the application itself there is no supporting information about which services cannot be disabled; you may need to download a program that gives you root rights; sometimes disabled services are enabled again after a reboot.

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