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Document manager 2.0Document manager 2.0Document manager 2.0Document manager 2.0Document manager 2.0Document manager 2.0

Document manager is the standard file manager that performs the functions of viewing, sorting, renaming, deleting, copying and editing documents in different formats. Application functionality Allows to unite all text files available on your smartphone into a single informative directory. Documents are conveniently cataloged by type, size and date of creation. The following formats are supported: PDF, Word, TXT, RAR, ZIP, PPT, Excell, etc. The search for files is easy to use and greatly speeds up the work with your data. You can get detailed information about a specific document. Share, rename or delete it. Viewing mode is very convenient - all information can be easily read in full screen, with a quick scrolling through pages. Advantages of Document Manager simple and convenient application; ability to share files; quick editing of information with the help of standard graphical tools; existence of the function of assembling documents represented by a common list; it is possible to change the file name infinitely; there is a function of deleting and moving.

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