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Downloader Private Browse is a symbiosis of browser, smart multithreaded downloader, file manager and media player for Android. Allows you to browse web resources, including - created on old versions of php/html protocols. Provides multithreaded file uploading. Can reload interrupted downloads. Plays interactive media content (audio/online video/flash elements), displays "covers" of media data, and allows creating playlists. Equipped with a secure file manager with its own data storage, preventing access to the user's media collection. Downloader Private Browse functionality Interprets php/html code of the viewed web resources, including obsolete ones; Loads media content and flash elements and plays it with the help of an integrated player; Automatically categorizes and sorts the downloaded media data by thematic sections or (optionally) according to the user's filtering rules; Encrypts downloaded data files and automatically moves them to secure storage; Verifies authorization credentials when you open the media repository; Uploads and visualizes author "covers" of media files from the Internet; Provides multi-threaded data loading, remembers "place" of interrupted loading at closing and resumes it from the same data packet at the next opening. Utility Features Web browser, "smart" multithreaded loader, file manager and flash/media player in one package; Ability to interpret and visualize "obsolete" php-/html code of web pages; "Gentle" system requirements; Support for background loading in multiple threads; Resume interrupted downloads feature; Support for all existing "mobile" data transfer protocols; "Smart cover art finder for media data; Secure file storage with the need for authentication; Powerful cryptographic algorithms for data encryption. Synchronization with AirPlay distribution; Automated sorter with playlist creation feature. Minuses Does not support downloading video files from YouTube; Multithreaded downloading decreases "internet speed" many times and increases traffic consumption; Integrated advertising; Absence of plugins; Possibility to download "external" covers of media files instead of author's; Paid features.

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