Dungeon Hunter 4 2.0.1f

Dungeon Hunter 4 is an RPG for Android with elements of slasher and action from the Dungeon Hunter saga from Gameloft studio. Gameplay consists of completing story-driven campaigns, in the course of which the player will have to destroy hundreds of enemies, including contrasting bosses, as well as collecting unique trophies and relics. The game stands out for its dynamic battles and high-quality visuals. Features of Dungeon Hunter 4 The need for constant character improvement, improving their combat qualities and unlocking new skills. Ability to create weapons and equipment. Four classes of heroes: archer, battle mage, born warrior, swordsman. Each character has his own story, which must be revealed in the course of the game. Graphics, designed in a fantasy style. Presence of multiplayer network, which provides for PvP battles and the possibility of team play with friends in cooperative passing mode. Extremely simple, but interesting storyline. The protagonist confronts hordes of demons that have drowned in blood his homeland - the kingdom of Valentia. Each new victory brings experience points and coins to increase the level of the hero. Excellent optimization and fast loading time. Weaknesses of the app Emphasis on donation in the form of buying internal currency. Many items are only available for real money.

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