Earn to Die 2 1.3

Earn to Die 2 is an exciting and addictive survival race for Android. The player - a survivor during the zombie apocalypse, must get as quickly as possible to the evacuation point at the other end of the country. The main problems of the hero - a large number of zombies, which must be destroyed and a limited resource - gasoline. Earn to Die 2 features destroying zombies, the player breaks his way through and earns money to upgrade his car; the car can break from a strong impact with a zombie or other object, so it must be armored and armed; the level consists of three segments, during the passage of the level you can not change the car; 60 hidden survival kits are available, try to find them all; 30 segments, 10 levels and 10 cars, a new car after passing each level. At the beginning is a jalopy, and at the end is a zombie crusher with a turbo engine, there is even the ability to fly; you can choose the path you want to pass, but zombies are everywhere and you have to fight your way through them and drive with all your might. The advantages of the game Improved control dynamics, allows you to fully immerse yourself in the game; Graphics are top notch, animated backgrounds, beautiful effects; Story mode is five times longer compared to the first version; You do not need to buy cars, they are opened up as you pass the levels, here for the armor and weapons have to shell out. Get ready for a battle with huge hordes of zombies. Each level may take several attempts to complete.

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