3.8.5 3.8.5 logo 3.8.5 - fun action game for Android c multiplayer mode. The action takes place in the depths of the ocean. The player must choose one of seven characters and as quickly as possible to grow it to its maximum size. The hero of the game can be a formidable piranha, a bloodthirsty shark or turtle, which throws bombs at anyone who tries to eat her. Each character is endowed with special abilities and characteristics. At first the hero will eat plankton, but as his appetites grow, they will have to hunt other fish. The main task - to get food and not become food for larger opponents. Need to collect coins and bonuses, and then spend them to improve the skills and abilities of the hero. Before you start the game you can choose one of 2 types of control - touch or with a virtual joystick-manipulator. The game has a rating of players. The top lines are taken by the one whose character ate more enemies. All rounds in the game last 2 minutes. After completing rounds or tasks, the player receives a tank with different contents, which is necessary for the evolution of the character into a larger individual. Characters have 2 skills. The first consists of splitting, i.e. turning into 2 smaller individuals, due to which the speed increases. The second skill allows you to soil your opponent with the waste products of his life, i.e. processed food. Features of ranking tables of players; ability to choose the type of control; several game modes; high quality graphics; good fish animation; possibility of choice of character; development of strategic thinking. Game disadvantages no Russian localization; only 1 level; monotonous sound accompaniment.

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