Elements Browser Release 60

Elements Browser for Android is a browser-based web surfing application that is based on the idea of getting the user the most relevant, reliable and fast downloadable content possible. It has integrated tools for automatically analyzing searched content and sifting out all kinds of information "trash" as well as irrelevant, advertising and untrustworthy articles. Equipped with many functions of visualization and customization - easily "adjusted" for each specific user. Functionality of Elements Browser Interprets code of hypertext markup pages; Has its own information search bar; Automatically scans content for relevance, validity and relevance to a search query; Filters search results from information "junk; Compresses individual elements of web pages to speed up loading and save traffic; Disables (optional) parts of sites to specially turbo load pages; Built-in proxy aggregator automatically "understands" if access to the site is blocked and automatically turns on to provide access to such pages; Customizable for the user both through an intelligent self-learning system of individualization and manually; Automatically creates and uploads screenshots of web pages placed in the Quick Access Toolbar, to make it easier to find the right site; Scans the text of web pages and translates it (if requested) into a specified language. Advantages of the utility High level of urgency and reliability of the information displayed by search queries (while using embedded search); Possibility to enter a blocked site without using any third-party tools; Low traffic consumption; High speed of loading web pages; Automatically warns of links to dangerous sites and downloads of malicious code. Minuses Turbo mode can distort sites.

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