Eyes - The Horror Game 6.0.1

"Eyes - The Horror Game" is a blood chilling entertainment for Android under the slogan "Fear Has Many Eyes". The player will have to collect bags of money to leave the gloomy house with ghosts. Features Eyes - The Horror Game The three-story mansion in which the game's plot unfolds looks uninhabited only at first glance. The treasure hunter is lured away by a horrible spirit with a hideous face and the figure of a girl. "Banshee" tyrannizes the gold digger literally at every step, preventing him from collecting the cherished bags, and after all, salvation is only in them. Escape from a painful death will help only escape and signs in the form of eyes. They must be collected, so that through the shaky prism to track the movements of the evil ghost. The game envelops with oppressive fear, replete with heartbreaking sounds and frightening effects, for which it is known as the most relevant horror of our time. To successfully traverse the labyrinth of rooms and corridors and avoid meetings with unsympathetic ghosts, you will need great courage, wit and intuition. Shaking objects and inscriptions warn of the approaching threat, but the latter should be treated with caution. Gameplay and game functionality There are only three levels in the wanderer. On the easiest it passes quickly and is not particularly difficult. The highest level of skill - race with the spirit on all the floors of the house. At the disposal of the player caught in the alteration: a minimum of customization; chat with the rules and conditions; a map drawn on a sheet of paper; a small radius of vision with illuminated "targets". Goal: collect a certain amount of money and get away by returning to the front door. Move in space using the on-screen joystick, and items are picked up by clicking on them. Advantages atmospheric detailed graphics; flexible rules and varied strategy; the ability to record your adventures.

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