F-Droid 1.9

F-Droid is the "client" part of the eponymous repository of applications, games, widgets and other .apk utilities for Android devices. Loads lists of .apk-applications of various thematic areas from the database. Sorts and groups them into thematic sections and custom "filters". The virtual page of each app hosted in F-Droid contains a detailed description, screenshots, and a direct installation link. The service only hosts freeware applications that do not require any registration or payment for a license. F-Droid features Synchronizes with the repository database, loads lists of available .apk-files for download; Visualizes the list of available utilities in the interface, groups them into thematic sections and sorts them according to the user's "filtering" parameters; Displays a detailed description of the desired utility, screenshots of its interface and a direct installation link when you "click" on the application icon in the list; Notifies users when developers change the licensing terms of the "free" applications they use (to make the application pay); Sending notifications of patches for applications installed on the user's machines and interesting new products in the repository; Automatically creates a backup copy of the installed application cache and sends it to the repository cloud (if you enable the corresponding option and have an account). Repository features Does not require an account to be created in advance; Places only freeware applications in the directories; Contains a detailed and screenshot interface description of each downloadable file; Developers of the distribution check the source code of posted applications for viruses, ads and other informational "garbage" before publication; Each available for download version of this or that application is "accompanied" by open source code from the developers (if you want you can check it yourself "for purity of code"); Regular expansion of the "assortment" of applications available for download and notification of new products, including patches for installed applications. Disadvantages Not available on Google Play due to direct competition - anti-viruses from Google "swear" at the application; Developers are required to provide up-to-date source code in order to publish their development; To enable the automatic backup function of the application cache, you will still need to register in the service.

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