Farming Simulator 14 1.4.4

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Farming Simulator 14 1.4.4Farming Simulator 14 1.4.4Farming Simulator 14 1.4.4Farming Simulator 14 1.4.4Farming Simulator 14 1.4.4Farming Simulator 14 1.4.4Farming Simulator 14 1.4.4Farming Simulator 14 1.4.4Farming Simulator 14 1.4.4Farming Simulator 14 1.4.4

Farming Simulator 14 is a farming life simulator for Android. Players will have to develop uncultivated land from scratch, sell their crops, expand their farm, and buy, repair and use farming equipment to increase the amount of crops they produce. Several game modes allow you to farm the land yourself or in co-operative mode with your friends. And the data on all of the farmland is entered into a special in-game ranking, so anyone can compete with other players in farming skills. Farming Simulator 14 gameplay Choose your game mode; Explore the specific terrain in your field to get a head start on your development with a minimal investment and choose the most appropriate crop for your area; Clear virgin land, plough the fields, sow seedlings, fertilise and irrigate your crops, kill pests, and reap the harvest; Purchase new varieties of crops, buy farming equipment and hire managers to increase the productivity of your farm and harvest more crops; Maintain the equipment you purchase in a timely manner to prevent the extra costs needed to pay for overhauls during the planting or harvesting season; Expand the scope of your farm by increasing the profitability of your farming operation by introducing livestock breeding; You can also develop waste-free production by baling the hay left after the wheat harvest into bales and feeding them to your livestock, selling milk to wholesalers at the market, trading extra sunflower oil for spare parts for machinery with representatives of industrial complexes and otherwise increasing the income from your farm; Invite your friends over to visit their farms in Multiplayer mode; Help your friends in co-operative play with Cleaning, Watering and Feeding your animals so you can gain more experience and progress faster; Become a sales and technology leader to top the in-game rankings and become the best farmer on the planet. Simulator Features Multiple game modes, including co-op; Beautiful animated graphics; Dozens of models of real-life farming equipment; Relatively realistic care of plants and animals - they need time to grow, and neglecting to feed, irrigate, or apply fertilizers and pesticides is almost guaranteed to result in lost crops; A sophisticated simulation of market relations - every transaction affects the in-game value of goods; The ability to play in multiplayer mode via both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Cons Some of the content is paid for; Advertising inserts; Demanding to the "iron; Cooperative play over the internet consumes a lot of traffic.

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