Find Lost Phone 1.49

Find Lost Phone is a multifunctional locator to find your Android device if it is lost or stolen. Track your device via GPS without using Internet connection. Find Lost Phone features. The phone tracking feature will allow you to track your phone's location in real time, the data will come to the numbers you specified in the app itself; Will send an SMS to your trusted phone number when you change the SIM card on the device; Ability to lock your phone with a single SMS message; Enabling the alarm clock with maximum volume in silent mode; Tracking your phone through a friend or trusted person's smartphone; If stolen will send the location of the device to a specified number; Unlock via a code sent to your email; If you lose your phone at home, remotely set your phone to vibrate or play a loud audible ringtone. Features of the app Most of the app's features, work through cellular communication (SMS) and email; Smartphone can be remotely blocked if stolen or lost, as well as if the SIM card data is changed; Protection of the application itself, so that intruders could not delete it; Ability to track family members or any friend (you need to activate the function "Track me" on the phone of the desired person); Tracking takes place via cellular communication or GPS; For stable functioning, the utility requests access to Root rights.

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