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Game Killer 4.30Game Killer 4.30Game Killer 4.30

GameKiller is a multifunctional game hacker for Android devices. Able to edit the numerical values of the records of the executive process of the hacked game, for example - add the player a certain amount of gold, ammunition or first-aid kits. However, it is possible to add items of equipment or so called loot-cases - if inside the game engine they have a quantitative representation (e.g. to set the game number of 3 cases instead of 0). Has a database for storing ready-made tables of hacks, allowing you to add yourself a specified number of given items in a template in one click. GameKiller functionality Analyzes active processes in RAM, intercepts information flow of the specified process; Finds a value in the HEX-blocks of the information flow of the executing process in the search line, outputs the corresponding blocks to the interface; Reassigns the selected data values to the user-specified ones - sends them to the flow; Saves the result in a special table of templates, when the corresponding function is initiated; Features of the cracker Ability to work with several types of numeric data, including DWORD; Ability to search for entries directly in the thread and trap their management; Intelligent filtering of entries loaded into the interface; Automatic reassignment of all mutually associated records when one value changes; Support for table templates to save time when reusing the program to get the same in-game item. Minuses Does not hack most online games; High chance of being banned if the online game is successfully hacked.

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