GameCIH 3.0.0

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GameCIH 3.0.0GameCIH 3.0.0GameCIH 3.0.0GameCIH 3.0.0GameCIH 3.0.0GameCIH 3.0.0

GameCIH is a functional utility for modifying and hacking games on Android, allowing you to change almost any value. Change the speed of the game, pump up the characters, get a lot of bonuses, infinite lives or other benefits. To use the program, minimize the window that appears after launching and enter the desired game. Click on the "magnifying glass" icon and enter the desired value in the special search window You can select the amount of points, money or experience that you currently have in the game. You need to close the window and go back to the game, spending points or points to change the values you entered. Go to the control panel of the program and enter the number of spent points. The program will find the appropriate values on its own, the user must select the maximum and confirm his actions. The score in the game will be increased. GameCIH features simple and easy to use; You can use it for the whole game or for a single task; searching for hidden values; changing the game speed; is not resource intensive; the ability to pause the game if there is no pause provided; obtaining additional game resources, increasing profits; Disadvantages of the program not suitable for all games. Requirements and additional information: you need a device with root rights; requires at least Android version 4; installation of the application through the APK-file requires activation of the "Unknown sources" function in the settings.

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