GameGuardian 101.0

GameGuardian is a multifunctional HEX-editor for Android devices, mainly focused on game cracking. The utility allows you to analyze and edit the executive code of .apk applications. It is equipped with a graphical interface that allows you to quickly find the data blocks of interest in the code of the edited application and modify them with a single click. Has a multi-level protection against detection built into the game anti-cheat protection. Allows changing HEX-code not only by direct editing, but also with integrated tools like accelerating game time, freezing existing game credits, copying unique game items, etc. GameGuardian functionality Analyzes processes running on the system before installation, notifying the user when specific processes need to be terminated - to prevent detection by cheat protection; Assigns a pseudorandom value to the name of its own executable process to prevent detection by cheats; Analyzes the information flow of a specified worker process, systematizes its executable code and displays it in an interface, according to the settings chosen by the user; Searches for specified numeric or character values in HEX code using a user-defined search mask; Modifies selected blocks of HEX code according to the user's edits and saves the result within the current session; Automatically edits certain blocks of code when the appropriate tool is initiated - speeds up time, makes game currency infinite, etc. HEX Editor Features Multi-level protection against anti-cheats, including at the installation stage; Abundant ways of finding, displaying and editing HEX code; Possibility of obtaining Premium accounts or Donator's items for free; Built-in information block editor with a GUI interface; Numerous ready-to-use tools; Ability to save the result of code editing, both within the active session, as well as after its completion; Professional localization, including the Russian language. Minuses Require root access; Significantly increases the risk of receiving a permanent ban in games with an online check; High popularity - anti-cheats in many games are focused on counteracting this very utility.

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