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GameSpector 8.1GameSpector 8.1GameSpector 8.1

GameSpector is a powerful game cracker for Android devices. Technically, it is an ordinary HEX-editor with a built-in search engine, but thanks to its elaborate GUI interface, the practical use of this program is more like using LuckyPatcher or a similar utility - where all actions are reduced to clicking on icons, without having to interact with the hex codes directly. This hacker can be used to edit the number of in-game items represented in the game engine in the form of numbers (for example - game gold) and to add items by name (for example - lootbox). Moreover - the utility allows you to give yourself a premium account, without the need to donate, though, provided that we are talking about offline games or games without constant checking through the server. GameSpector functionality Scans the executive processes loaded in RAM, intercepts the information flow of the selected one; Automatically finds in the data blocks of the information stream of the intercepted process the values specified in the search line and outputs them in the format of interactive icons in the interface; Overwrites the selected values of the edited data block with the specified values - unloads them back to RAM; Outputs an appropriate notification in the interface, in case of an attempt to enter the wrong type of data, e.g. an alphabetic value instead of a numeric one; Loads and sets ready modifications for certain games. Hacker features Well-designed interface that significantly simplifies the work, compared with similar tools - the user almost does not have to "dig" in the HEX-code directly; Fully automated search system for game data - it's enough to specify the desired value in the search field and the program will display all the corresponding blocks; Ability to work with text data types; Built-in protection system against writing incorrect data types; Own distribution kit of ready modifications. Minuses The number of games for which ready modifications are available is relatively small.

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