Gangstar Vegas 4.5.1c

Gangstar Vegas - multiplayer action shooter for Android with the ability to fight, use civilian and military equipment, develop the character, change clothes, play in the casino, etc. Players will have to get into the role of a former soldier, who decided to succeed in MMA fighting and restore order on the streets of Las Vegas. To do this, they will have to develop the skills of his character, to perform special tasks, to pass all sorts of tests, fight animals, bandits, terrorists, zombies, robots and other enemies. Gangstar Vegas Gameplay Choose the appearance and features of your future character; Explore the territory of a huge tourist metropolis, styled as Las Vegas; Find, buy or steal your favorite car to move around the metropolis even faster; Visit casinos, bars, nightclubs and other venues to gain experience and make money fast; Meet unique characters for special quests; Complete all sorts of challenges to unlock your character's special skills; Destroy anyone who threatens the peace of your town's residents and visitors; Complete 100% of the available "story", "like" and "special" quests with maximum efficiency to pass the game. Shooter Features A variety of possible activities; Decent level of visualization; A huge number of vehicles, tanks, aircraft, cold, throwing and shooting weapons, equipment and clothing elements; Opportunity to level up your character's skills; More than 80 quests; Several fighting styles of hand-to-hand combat; Dozens of extreme stunts with equipment; The ability to create clans and cooperation with other players; A variety of enemy types; In-game casino with many varieties of gambling. Cons Cooperative mode requires an internet connection and consumes a lot of traffic; Requiring to the "iron; Part of the unique content - paid;

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