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hide.me VPN 3.3.1hide.me VPN 3.3.1hide.me VPN 3.3.1hide.me VPN 3.3.1hide.me VPN 3.3.1hide.me VPN 3.3.1hide.me VPN 3.3.1hide.me VPN 3.3.1hide.me VPN 3.3.1

Hide.me VPN is an application for Android that allows you to change the user's IP to the IP of the country from a list provided to the user. Functionality and features The program provides users with 28 VPN servers located in 22 countries. After launching the utility, users can select the parameters they want and find the server they want to connect to. Once connected, Internet traffic passes through this server and the user uses an IP that makes him anonymous. Its true location is hidden, and Internet activity looks as if the user is logged in from the server of the selected country. All Internet data is encrypted. Encryption ensures that all the user's online activity is safe from unwanted tracking, hacking or other threats. In fact, even Internet service providers won't be able to monitor Internet activity when using the service. Features of Hide.me VPN Hide.me protects the user's online data by providing an encryption tunnel between the Android device being used and their VPN servers. This tunnel encrypts data and information sent and received to and from the Internet and protects it from individuals and organizations trying to steal or hack information about a user's actions. The program prevents organizations and Internet service providers from altering a user's connection speed and restricting their access to the Internet by hiding traffic from their inspections. The utility provides access to the user's favorite sites, making them accessible to the user. Advantages of Torrent access. Hide.me allows users to access torrents. Payment in bitcoins. Hide.me allows anonymous payments using bitcoins. No record registration. The system is designed to not record user activity and information. It does not store the customer's IP address, phone number, name, or any other personal information. Free anonymous proxy browser. Hide.me provides a free proxy browser for everyone. The proxy service allows users to access restricted sites anywhere in the world. Encrypting Online Activity Hide.me protects the user from hackers, phishers and other objects by encrypting their browsing activity. VPN protects personal information and documents such as passwords, personal files and credit card information. Censorship circumvention. Some countries around the world have Internet restrictions that determine which sites and applications are allowed to access. With the Hide.me VPN service, you can easily bypass these conditions and access any sites and apps anywhere in the world. View Global TV. The program gives you access to global TV and video from BBC, HBO, Netflix, Hulu and other streaming sites anywhere in the world. Disadvantages Users of the free Hide.me plan are limited to using 2GB of traffic per month. Internet speeds are significantly reduced when using the utility.

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