IMVU is a platform for chatting and creating your own avatars. IMVU features. IMVU is a program much like the entertaining game SIMS. Its participants, after choosing 3D avatars and matching their costumes, communicate in a shared chat or exchange private messages, appearing to the interlocutor in the image of their choice. Launching the app for the first time The first launch of the application IMVU asks the user to choose the gender of his/her character, "put on" the clothes, shoes and accessories he/she likes and save the resulting image. When working with the avatar, the character can be rotated in different directions: it allows you to "see" what the image looks like. After you save your avatar, you will need to create an account with your name, email address, username, password and date of birth. Working with the program Next, the user can start creating posts using the Text button. Using the list of IMVU options available on the left, in the top line of the program, you can select the chat function and then pick up the branch of discussion that interests the user, entering the "room" and joining the other participants of the conversation. There are also options such as: Store (here you can purchase new items of clothing for your image); Activity for all time; Friends; Friend requests; Messaging; Friend invitations, giving you the opportunity to invite people you know to join IMVU. You can send an invitation via email and SMS, as well as via WhatsApp, VKontakte and other popular apps and messengers. Advantages Excellent 3D graphics; Deep immersion in virtual reality while in the game program; Ability to create a unique avatar in seconds; Communicate with IMVU users all over the world. Disadvantages Lack of free credits for communication and image changes; Frequent freezes of the application.

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