Iron Force 8.030.401

Iron Force - arcade multiplayer tank simulator for Android with elements of RPG-setting. Players will have to improve combat vehicles, develop crew skills and destroy enemy tanks. Exploring the appropriate style of combat modules, you need to bring the parameters of your fighting machine to the maximum to confidently dominate the "team", "special" and "random" collisions. Iron Force Gameplay Decide on your tactics and choose a base tank to match it; Research the advanced modules needed to take advantage of your chosen vehicle class; Win battles to train your crew and improve tank performance; Install new combat modules to increase speed, combat power, armor, and range; Dominate the battlefields, earn glory points and be ranked among the best tankers. Simulator Features Cooperative battles; "Team", "random" and "special" battles; Possibility to create your own tank legion; Regular tournaments and promotions; Decent level of visualization; Realistic sounds of firing and movement of combat vehicles. Cons It is necessary to accept EA's agreement on the distribution of confidential data; Uses a lot of traffic; Absence of single player; Part of the content is paid.

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