Iron Tanks 2.54

Iron Tanks - multiplayer simulator of futuristic tank battles for Android with elements of RPG-setting. Players have to create and improve combat armored vehicles of the future, and then let them go into battle and defeat the enemy in the tanks of the opponents. The game features dozens of varieties of guns, hundreds of camouflages, several dozen auxiliary combat modules, different locations for free battles and arenas for special quest battles. Iron Tanks gameplay Explore the features of the basic vehicles in the hangar, and choose the most attractive one; Utilize your base tank's strengths, don't let enemies take advantage of your weaknesses, hide from high-level opponents and destroy vehicles you can't outrun; Pick up falling out of the defeated tanks spare parts, get combat experience for each destroyed enemy and use them to develop your tank; Upgrade the strengths of your armored fighting vehicle by installing more high-tech modules responsible for the characteristics of your strengths; If possible, try to even out the effects of your tank's weaknesses by installing the appropriate modules, but be careful not to let your strengths suffer; Apply camouflages, additional equipment and customization elements to your tank to get even more advantages in battles and stand out among the other players; Dominate random location battles and successfully complete command objectives in special arena battles; Climb to the first place of the game rating and become the most productive tanker to the envy of all other players. Simulator Features Futuristic armored vehicles and firing guns; Massive number of tank customization tools; Decent level of visualization; Daily updated combat quests; Clan system; Several conceptually different "technological lines" of development, each of which corresponds to its own style of play; Highly dynamic battles; Pleasant soundtrack; Integrated in-game chat. Cons Lack of single player; It consumes a lot of traffic; Demanding to the "iron"; Integrated advertising; Part of the content is paid.

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