Kate Mobile 67.2

Kate Mobile is an unofficial VKontakte social networking client for the Android operating system. And since you're looking for something more convenient than the native client, download VK Coffee, at the same time, read the reviews of happy and happy users under the description. Kate Mobile features. People prefer Kate Mobile to the official client of the social network VKontakte because of the increased functionality of this application. In addition to the standard features of the Vkontakte client, Kate Mobile has the ability to log in to multiple accounts simultaneously on the same smartphone. Convenient if you have several accounts or your loved ones have a need to visit this social network often, and there is no other option besides your smartphone. The utility is subject to full external customization from the user, there is a stealth mode, which hides your presence in the network before you carry out active actions on your page or on the page of another user and much more. Application Features several design themes to choose from: light, dark, gray, your own; customization of font size and style; transfer of all application data (including the application itself) to the memory card; placement of widgets on the desktop of the smartphone/tablet; traffic-saving mode (compressing images or completely disabling their display); Synchronization of contacts with your phonebook on the gadget. Advantages unique features; easy to use; minimalistic interface; multilinguality.

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