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LibreOffice 12/13LibreOffice 12/13LibreOffice 12/13LibreOffice 12/13LibreOffice 12/13LibreOffice 12/13

LibreOffice is one of the best office suites for Android devices. LibreOffice features View documents in different formats, write notes editing the contents of a document; work with MS Office documents of different formats from version 2007 onwards; work with MS Office documents from the earliest versions, from Microsoft Office 97 to 2003 is supported basic text editing features, consisting of word search and replace, font and spelling style changes (the number of user-accessible features will be increased in new versions). package features The application is built on the same engine as the version for Windows and macOS; The interface is based on the popular mobile browser Mozilla Firefox. Advantages One of the best office suites, as an alternative to MS Word; The application is from the developers of the PC version. Disadvantages some of the features do not work correctly; little functionality.

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