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Liters (Read for free) 3.3Liters (Read for free) 3.3Liters (Read for free) 3.3Liters (Read for free) 3.3Liters (Read for free) 3.3Liters (Read for free) 3.3Liters (Read for free) 3.3Liters (Read for free) 3.3Liters (Read for free) 3.3Liters (Read for free) 3.3

Liters (Read for free) is a symbiosis of a virtual reader and a literary works aggregator for Android devices. Allows you to find books of interest, download them and read, directly from the interface - in one click. Equipped with flexible genre and subject categories filters which allow to quickly find the desired type of literary content - from bestsellers or classics to technical manuals or collections of cooking recipes of specific nations of the world. Liters functionality Synchronizes with the server part of the service and downloads the current list of available literature for downloading; Forms a feed-list with a list of the most popular books of today; Sorts the downloaded list according to the set filtering parameters of genre and subject categories; Displays a description-miniature of each book in the displayed category, redirects the user to a page with a detailed description, when you click on its title; Downloads the selected book, invites the user to open it immediately or continue searching and downloading other literature; Opens the selected books with the built-in interactive reader; Flips through, bookmarks, navigates to a chapter, searches for typed text, and otherwise interacts with the open book, according to the user's manipulation; Shares links to download selected books, the specified way. Features of the reader Literature aggregator, with a database of hundreds of thousands of books and interactive reader in one; Daily addition of several hundreds of books; Passed professional editing of literature, the most diverse thematic focus - for every taste; Flexible-adjustable filters, and sorting books by genre and thematic sections; The ability to share a download link with friends - right from the interface. Cons Pop-up ads and integrated contextual ads; Part of the content presented (some books) - are available only on a paid basis; The interface of the reader leaves much to be desired - errors when moving through chapters, automatic setting of maximum brightness, lack of night mode, etc.

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