Mail Mail logo Mail Mail Mail Mail Mail Mail Mail Mail Mail Mail Mail is an official application for Android, created by the company with the same name. The program allows you to simplify simultaneous work with several mailboxes, Yahoo, Yandex, Rambler, Gmail and other common mail services. Mail functionality message browsing and sorting by folders and categories; blocking messages from a particular address using the "This is spam" button; turning messages on and off with a single button; managing multiple mailboxes in one application; quick search of e-mails with the help of search by correspondence; sending and receiving files of different types. Application benefits Sleep mode. Sound notifications on receipt of mails are automatically turned off at night or at the time set by the user. PIN code protection for the application. Possibility to create protected folders that you can enter only with a password. Mail caching. Messages stored in the phone can be viewed without an Internet connection. Push notifications. Lets you know instantly about new mail. Full synchronization. Actions performed on different devices are saved on server and synchronized. Combined address book. Service logos and friend avatars. Photos make it easier to find your way through the list of mails. Filters in folder. Allows you to show only important or unread mail. Filter notifications. Set the necessary filters and you will receive only important notifications. Private notifications. Allow you to hide the text of the notification, the name of the sender of the letter. Quick actions with the message. You can move or delete a message in a couple of seconds. You don't need to open the letter and wait for loading.

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